hi guys,

i downloaded the demo and need to say, it's special but very nice!

there are so many choices out there, what kind of equalizer do you prefer for sound-design?

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    DMG Equality is a great EQ – Andy Lewis Dec 7 '11 at 21:26

I prefer FabFilter Pro-Q and for compressor Pro-C.

FabFilter has excellent user interface and very advanced features for mix and mastering (LR,MS, Oversampling, Solo for bands etc.)

Highly recommended!!!

If you want vintage equalizer try TubeTech emulation from Softube.

PE 1C - Excelent Bass management and analog feel - good for punch for smashes :)

Of course this is my personal opinion!


Anything really flexible, with good overall sound quality. The Waves Q-10 works well. The parametric EQs in iZotope's products also work. It is also helpful to have a really good notch filter available to deal with certain types of noises--again the Q-10 can be set up that way, though my favorite is an old plug-in I have called the Blue Filter.


DMG EQuality has been really good to work with for me. I like the analyzer, the linear phase mode, the MS functionality, the narrow q possibilities and deep notching. The filter variety is nice too.

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