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At home I monitor on passive Dynaudio Acoustics BM5s, which I like very much. However, as my power amp has broken, I'm looking for a replacement. For the money (~£160) the Behringer A500 seems to be getting great reviews, but there does seem to be the odd bad review.

I'd love to hear from anyone with good or bad experience of this amp, or anyone with experience / knowledge of another amp in the same price range. I know you get what you pay for, but I only have around £150 to spend, so is the Behinger the way forward, or should I invest my monies elsewhere?

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Mmmm.. I've never been sure about Behringer.. I don't like their strategy of producing cheaper copies of other manufacturers gear.

Have you thought about buying second hand? Good quality amps last for years, and personally I'd rather buy old but good, rather than new and cheap. Check out some of these on ebay:

Quad 520f, Hafler P1000 or any of the more powerful Hafler's, ART SLA-1 or SLA-2, Audiolab 8000a (no xlr in and a bit more consumer grade, but solid none the less)

  • Thanks @Mark Durham, I know what you mean about Behringer. I'm a little weary for buying 2nd hand, partly 'cause my current (broken) amp was second hand and it lasted about a year, and partly 'cause the studio I used to work in had to keep 4 techs in constant employment just to maintain all the gear. Seeing how often they'd have to replace capacitors and the like to maintain optimum performance was just crazy. I will take a look at those though, so thanks! :) – Sam Oct 20 '11 at 13:12

I have one myself, bought it early in my career, and I think it's ok but not completely transparent. It might have been slightly ill-fitted with my od Alesis Monitor One mk2 though, not really sure as I haven't used either one in a very long time, but it still sounded very good considering the price!

What I can say though, is that you get a lot of amp for the money. But Behringer are really cheap when it comes to components I'm afraid, so at least mine got a little problem with bad dials. Not disastrous in any way, but annoying...


I have 2 of them and works pretty good, I also have some second hand like ADCOM GFA-545II, PROTON D940 and some Marantz, Onkyos and Yamahas(MX-830), the Behringer sounds better than all those, construction is sturdy and heavy. When the amp is on you feel it.

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