Is there any website that provides lots of music files with Creative Commons license?

I have a personal blog and use photos with CC license from Flickr. I also want to produce small video presentations with background music. I want to use light listening music like Kitaro, Yiruma etc. Is there any website that provides this kind of music freely?


Try Jamendo.

I have no experience with the site, but a brother of a friend is an indie film-maker and uses music from there all the time. (And he never returns my calls.) Ha.

  • Thank you, it is a great site. No wonder that your brother doesn't return your calls :) – Mert Nuhoglu Sep 22 '11 at 14:22

Also check out the venerable archive.org. There's an amazing amount of Creative Commons media in every conceivable form including music. Downside is that it's kinda slow and not intuitive as far as searching goes.

  • Thank you vey much for the suggestion. This is very useful too. But as you said navigation is a bit difficult. – Mert Nuhoglu Sep 22 '11 at 14:31

Soundcloud has tons as well: http://soundcloud.com/creativecommons


Hi guys,

just wanted to introduce my free creative commons music website: www.bensound.com


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