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The film-making process for a sound desinerdesigner pretending to be a writer

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The film-making process for a sound desiner pretending to be a writer

I realize this isn't a typical question for SSD -- we almost never talk about the film making process, because most of the stuff we do is post. But, I'm doin' it!

I've run into something of a dilemma where the people I know who are making movies and want me to do sound aren't making movies that I think will be any good (or any fun, which is more the case), and the people I know who are making films I'd love to do sound for won't let me do it, even for free. I realize that finishing my demo reel would probably fix a chunk of this problem.

Even still, there are some things that I would love to do the sound for that I can't even validly hope they'll land on my plate. For this example, I'll use the current desire: a post-apocalyptic western that's NOT a space western. Very similar to The Book of Eli, in fact.

So, I've taken it upon myself that if no one is going to make it, then I might as well so I can at least do the sound for it.

Which leads me to my actual question: after I have a decent script, what do I do with it? Is finding a producer the next step in this process?

Also, since I'm asking, have any of you done something like this, or know of any sound designers that are also writers?