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Re-syncing Sound to a Directors Cut

So I did the sound edit and final mix for a short film a few months ago. The director was happy and signed off the film. Great. But now he has got in touch to ask if I will again do the sound edit for a director's cut of the film. Strangly, the film is only a few seconds longer than the final cut, but the edit is completely different; different takes, new shots that I haven't seen before, cuts in different places and basically an entirely new edit.

When given the final cut and now the director's cut, both versions were delivered as an MOV with a septerate AAF with embedded audio. The audio was recorded with a non-timecode recorder. I did a lot of work with the final cut audio, making stuff that shouldn't have worked, work. It was a quite poorly recorded production so I had to work hard to make the best of it.

As far as I can tell, now I have been given this completely new cut, I've got to start from scratch again. I'm just checking that this is the case and there isn't a miracle technique that I've never had to use before?