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Microphone to pick voice of several people in a big room

I usually do online Skype meetings with my team. On my side, it is only me, but on the other side, there are several people with different distances from the laptop (5m radius max). So far, we have ...

microphone recommendations voice  
user avatar asked by The Curious Guy Score of 3

What's the difference of versions of Sennheiser Headphones HD-25?

What's the difference of versions of Sennheiser Headphones HD-25? HD-25 BE (Basic Edition) HD-25 Sky HD-25-1 HD-25-1 II HD-25 SP HD-25 SP II HD-25 C II HD-25-13 HD-25-13 II I allready ask to ...

headphones sennheiser field-recording gear equipment  
user avatar asked by ORB Score of 2
user avatar answered by georgi Score of 5

How to recover audio from an incomplete or corrupted AAC/m4a file

I recorded an 85-minute AAC/m4a file using Notability on my iPad. This app has always worked well before but for some reason there was a problem this time. The relevant file shows up as having 21MB (...

audio file repair recovery aac-m4a  
user avatar asked by Jim Score of 19
user avatar answered by namford Score of 14

What audio formats and codecs are used for YouTube videos?

I'm looking for an official YouTube page that lists all of the audio formats and codecs used for YouTube videos. I can only find information posted by unofficial sources without citing their source ...

audio encoding  
user avatar asked by Phlox Midas Score of 12
user avatar answered by Gyan Score of 17

H4N as USB mic makes voice high pitched

My H4N works perfectly by itself, but when I connect is as USB mike to my macbook bro, all the audio from my voice sounds high pitched. Any advice what to do?

zoom-h4n macbook-pro  
user avatar asked by SuperUberDuper Score of 4

Appropriate Film Credits

I've got an independent short film project where I'm the only sound person involved. I've had to do everything from pre-production to post. What would be appropriate for credit(s)? Is there a blanket-...

independent-film credit production-mixing post-production roles  
user avatar asked by Matt Cavanaugh Score of 2

Pro Tools on Windows vs. Mac: Any difference?

I'm after your experience here. Is there any known issues with Pro Tools on Windows? I'm considering selling my Mac but I need to be sure that Pro Tools will run just as well on my PC. I have very ...

pro-tools windows mac platform performance  
user avatar asked by Justin Huss Score of 5
user avatar answered by Dave Clissold Score of 4
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