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How to capture very low volume sounds?

A while ago I was surfing some nerdy geeky website and found that a company had designed that mic that could capture really low volume sounds like the sound emitted by the filaments of a light bulb ...

microphone recording volume contact-mic  
asked by Funk patrol 19 votes

Kylo Ren Voice Changer

I'm curious to know what kind of voice changing affects were used on Kylo Ren in Star Wars VII. It sounds like a pretty basic gravelly distortion filter that lowers his voice, but it still sounds ...

distortion filter voice-manipulation timbre arduino  
asked by Josh B. 3 votes

How do you lessen mouth noise in VO recordings?

Okay. Pardon me if I sound ranty. I promised myself I would not ask this question, but frankly, I am fed up with it. I record narration as a main part of my job in sound. I have recorded possibly ...

narration clicks  
asked by Utopia 17 votes
answered by Shaun Farley 9 votes

How to convert a stereo MP3 to mono MP3

We had an MP3 created for a message greeting on our phone system. It is stereo MP3, not sure what the bit rate is, but is sampled at 44.1k. Our sound system requires it to be in this format: 16 bit ...

mp3 mono sample-rate bitrate garageband  
asked by Swisher Sweet 7 votes
answered by Marcos 8 votes

Tips for traveling with audio equipment.

Hey all, I'm flying somewhere soon and I'm bringing my equipment along to record some wonderful opportunities. I have a 722 and a Neumann 191 and I really don't want to check my babies if I don't ...

travel microphone recorder precautions  
asked by Utopia 2 votes
answered by NoiseJockey 7 votes

Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

Ok so to jump right into it, a couple of friends and I picked up an 2014 Audi RS7 and plan to make a commercial/teaser-esque video of it. I have three GoPro hero4 black editions so the video portion ...

audio sound field car moviemaking  
asked by Kevin Philpot 3 votes
answered by EMV 5 votes

How do I change the playback speed without changing the tempo?

I have a recording in Audacity that I want to slow down for editing purposes only. When I'm finished editing and I go to export the file, the file should have the original tempo. Yes, I can go to ...

asked by moonman239 12 votes
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 12 votes
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