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What is the difference between XLR and JACK out?

Hi I was just wanting to know what the difference is between XLR and JACK out is. I'm sort of new to this sort of thing. (So if someone could explain it as simple as possible would be great!)

sound xlr  
user avatar asked by Benjamin McIntyre Score of 8

FLStudio closes VST when you open another instrument of the same VST

I'm having an issue where I am trying to use two different instruments in FLStudio 11 that are from the same vst - Massive 1.3. When I click on one, Massive pops up with its details. When I click on ...

vst fl-studio  
user avatar asked by Gaʀʀʏ Score of 4

Atmos recording: MS vs. AB vs. XY vs. ORTF

This may be a bit of a beginner's question, but I moved to NYC from australia and left my second Oktava cardioid behind. I need to record some ambiences for a film, and I was wondering what you ...

stereo recording atmos ambience techniques  
user avatar asked by Roger Middenway Score of 7

Silence a small section of just one channel in a stereo recording (Audacity)

I need to erase (silence) about 2 seconds of just one channel of a 2-channel stereo recording. I can use Audacity (or Ardour). I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.

editing audacity  
user avatar asked by MountainX Score of 18
user avatar answered by Jim Mack Score of 14

In general, what's a good dB level at which to normalize my audio files?

I'm a musician who extracts a very wide variety of audio samples from different sources. I then layer and arrange these samples together within music software to orchestrate songs. When I save these ...

music samples sound-quality wave-editor normalize  
user avatar asked by Pup Score of 6

How to recover audio from an incomplete or corrupted AAC/m4a file

I recorded an 85-minute AAC/m4a file using Notability on my iPad. This app has always worked well before but for some reason there was a problem this time. The relevant file shows up as having 21MB (...

audio file repair recovery aac-m4a  
user avatar asked by Jim Score of 22
user avatar answered by namford Score of 15

How to set the Zoom H4N for recording with external mic & lav?

I'm having a hard time getting the right settings on my new Zoom H4N for recording with 2 XLR inputs – a shotgun mic and wireless lavalier system for a film shoot. I can't figure out how to turn off ...

zoom-h4n film-sound-design lavalier xlr-input  
user avatar asked by Willa Score of 4
user avatar answered by fuzzysounds Score of 6
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