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Top new questions this week:

What happens when the output impedance of a headphone amp is higher than the input impedance of the headphones?

I'm trying to wrap my head around input- and output impedances. From this question I learned that the output impedance of a headphone amplifier should be lower than the input impedance of the ...

headphones amplifier impedance  
asked by Jaap Joris Vens 2 votes
answered by ghellquist 3 votes

How do you sync two tracks of similar audio?

I shot a piece of video where someone was moving in rhythm with music. The audio is pretty terrible so I want to replace it with the actual song, since there is nothing else interesting to hear there ...

music audacity video sync  
asked by Vilx- 2 votes
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

Why aren't amplifiers aimed AWAY from the audience on live shows?

We all know the problems it causes for the sound engineer at concerts when the guitarist raises the volume mid show. "It goes to 11" But why are amps always behind the artists aimed out at ...

microphone mixing speakers amplifier live-sound  
asked by klutt 1 vote
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

Fixing spikes in an audio file using a CLI tool

I have an audio file which has (I believe) spikes due to an encoding error. Below is a screenshot from adobe audition. How do I fix such thing using an command line tool? (CLI is important because I ...

asked by Koray Ulusan 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to connect Powered Subwoofer to Mixer?

I have two Alto TS210 Powered Active Speakers connected to Yamaha MG06 Mixer, which is then connected to my laptop via Stereo Y-Cable. That setup is working fine, however, I would like to now add a ...

speakers mixer setup stage subwoofer  
asked by lucidgold 6 votes
answered by Edwin van Mierlo 6 votes

how to remove Cloth Rustling?

i have recorded some interviews using lapel microphones and it has a lot of rustling noise because the characters have been moving. i have tried editing it out and to some extent it has worked. but ...

noise microphone reduction lapel  
asked by Mita 2 votes

Different Pro Tools errors - and what do they actually mean?

I´ve recently encountered many different kind of Pro Tools errors and it really annoys me that the error messages themselves don´t give a whole lot of information what´s wrong in Pro Tools. It would ...

pro-tools problems error unexpected-error  
asked by Ville Sorsa 2 votes
answered by Internet Human 5 votes

How to make your voice sound like another persons voice?

Is there any software that will make a voice of someone sound like a voice of someone else? A guy in my skype list claims he has a friend who works in "SoundDesign business" who has such a tool, and ...

voice equalization pitch-shifting dub formant  
asked by Felix 7 votes
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 6 votes

Bird flapping/flying away sound effect?

I can't seem to find a recording of a bird (a crow in particular) flapping its wings as it flies away in to the distance. I imagine it would be a hard sound to capture. How can I make this sound? ...

foley birds  
asked by scott-a-tron 4 votes

How loud is 0dB, and what is a good dB to mix to?

In Shaun's recent post about the sound design challenge, he mentioned that there was a request for a loudness-limit (-10dB peak, I believe), and I realized that I was most likely the reason for it, if ...

mixing best-practice 0db loudness  
asked by Dave Matney 13 votes
answered by Shaun Farley 20 votes

Change tempo of entire project in logic, and stretch audio to fit the new tempo

I have a song, recorded in 77bpm. I listened to it now, and I think it may be to slow. I want to speed up the entire thing to 83bpm so I can listen how it will sound. The only solution I have found so ...

logic-pro logic  
asked by SomeNorwegianGuy 6 votes
answered by SomeNorwegianGuy 3 votes
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