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Top new questions this week:

Stereo input to mono connector

If I have this mixer and I connect a stereo input by using a mini-jack to 2 TRS connectors to 2 different mono line channels and keeping the pan to 12 o'clock, is it good for both left and right ...

mixing mixer  
asked by stefy97100 1 vote
answered by Rory Alsop 0 votes

Recording instruments on Zoom H6

I just bought a new Zoom H6 with a purpose of recording digital Piano and maybe record my voice with online teaching. However, regarding the Piano recording, I tried first plugging a single TRS cable ...

audio-recording portable-recorder zoom-h4n recorder zoom-h6  
asked by Raymond Hani Artin 1 vote
answered by Rory Alsop 1 vote

How is a hiss removed "under the hood"?

What I mean is, not which app/option/button to use to remove a hissing sound, but how does the tool one uses to remove the hiss do that. Does it remove every low-volume noise? Does it break the sound ...

sound-effects editing hiss cleaning  
asked by ispiro 1 vote
answered by ZaellixA 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Lav mic mounting tips

Hello, In the film I am working on there is quite a bit of cloth scratch I am getting on the lav mics used by the boom op. After watching The King's Speech and the interview from the production ...

lavalier microphone placement  
asked by Utopia 6 votes
answered by VCProd 7 votes

How do you create the deadliest sounding gunshots?

I have been experimenting with different layers to create a perfect gunshot but they all fail and sound like toy guns. What do I have to layer in order to create a deadly sounding gunshot?

sfx sound-design techniques gunshot sound-effects  
asked by Wesley Mace 7 votes
answered by Andrew Spitz 8 votes

pros and cons of a zoom h4n

I'm seriously considering buying a zoom h4n recorder. Primarily for set recording for film. I am aware there is an unwanted buzz when connecting a mic through an XLR, however there isn't such a ...

zoom zoom-h4n 48khz  
asked by JM V 4 votes

Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

Ok so to jump right into it, a couple of friends and I picked up an 2014 Audi RS7 and plan to make a commercial/teaser-esque video of it. I have three GoPro hero4 black editions so the video portion ...

audio sound field car moviemaking  
asked by Kevin Philpot 3 votes
answered by EMV 5 votes

How to convert a stereo MP3 to mono MP3

We had an MP3 created for a message greeting on our phone system. It is stereo MP3, not sure what the bit rate is, but is sampled at 44.1k. Our sound system requires it to be in this format: 16 bit ...

mp3 mono sample-rate bitrate garageband  
asked by Swisher Sweet 7 votes
answered by Marcos 8 votes

How Did They Do That?? Vol. 1: The Predator "clicks"

If anyone knows how the iconic Predator "click" vocalizations were created (for the original film, that is), then please, do share! (This means you David Stone, Richard Anderson and John Pospisil!) If ...

iconic-sounds film-sound-design creativity creature-vocalizations  
asked by Jay Jennings 9 votes
answered by Colin Hunter 4 votes

What is the best shape for passive sound amplification

I'm asking this to make a passive sound amplifiyer. In the web they usually do a HORN shape that looks like exponential function mirrored about 'x' axes. But I wonder is there a better shape for ...

acoustics amplifier  
asked by Aitbek Myrzakhmet 3 votes
answered by Schizomorph 2 votes

Can you answer this question?

How to bind midi input to a track in Logic Pro

I connected my Yamaha e-piano to my Mac and can jam to any software instrument in Logic Pro. The piano always sends MIDI input to the currently selected track, which is convenient somehow. But as soon ...

midi logic-pro  
asked by Marian Rick 2 votes
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