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Top new questions this week:

XLR-1/4'' vs XLR-XLR cable

I recently bought a Shure SV100 dynamic microphone that came with an XLR-1/4'' cable, which I'm plugging into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen. interface. This interface has two input jacks: a line/...

microphone cable xlr  
asked by Fernando Martin 3 votes
answered by Tetsujin 2 votes

Hear what I'm saying to Zoom h4n pro

I'm very new to sound recording. I wanted to make videos with good sound quality, then I bought Zoom H4n Pro to use it as an audio interface. I use Mac; I connect H4n to the Mac via USB. I could set ...

mac zoom-h4n quicktime  
asked by SoftTimur 2 votes
answered by ghellquist 1 vote

Besides pitch, how else to make adult voice sound like a child's?

I'm using a Reaper VST plugin for this in an attempt to modify an adult voice to sound like a child's. Besides pitch, what else can I modify? Changing pitch just makes you sound like a chipmunk.

asked by acidgate 1 vote
answered by HARQUR 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Silence a small section of just one channel in a stereo recording (Audacity)

I need to erase (silence) about 2 seconds of just one channel of a 2-channel stereo recording. I can use Audacity (or Ardour). I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.

editing audacity  
asked by MountainX 16 votes
answered by Jim Mack 13 votes

USB input high-pitched whine

I've yet to find a definitive answer to this, but Google shows hundreds of people asking questions. I have an M-Audio M-Track, a $100 USB-based audio interface. Across all 3 computers I have tried ...

noise usb high-frequency  
asked by std''OrgnlDave 10 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 6 votes

Final MIX - Movie Mastering Levels

Hello All! I understand that workflow in sound designing a movie usually ends up in 3 tracks; Dialogue, Sound Effects, and Music. I've been asked to level out a feature length movie which doesn't ...

movies mastering sound-design film mixing  
asked by Kevin DeKimpe 1 vote
answered by Stavrosound 3 votes

What do the acronyms DX, FX, MX stand for?

I've been using the abbreviations for quite some time now but I don't know why they are called DX, FX, and MX. (Well, FX I can understand.) For me, it's practical because it shortens the track name ...

post-production organization fx  
asked by mikko 5 votes

Convert mono output to stereo?

I plan on buying the Behringer MICROMIX MX 400 line mixer because it's really cheap and I don't need more than 4 input channels. The only problem is that it has a mono output. I tried searching for ...

stereo mixer mono converter  
asked by Gamidron 2 votes

Is it bad to plug in a mic when phantom power is on?

Should I switch off phantom power before plugging in my mics that require phantom? I hear a click when I don't switch the machine/phantom power off. I tend to do it, but if I don't need to that would ...

gear microphone maintenance  
asked by Andrew Spitz 5 votes

How to clean a digitally-distorted recording?

We all know what happens when the recording level goes too high during Analog to Digital conversion: harsh non-musical sound covering everything else (ok, on occasion it might be sort of musical, but ...

digital conversion distortion cleaning tools  
asked by Wonkabuland 3 votes
answered by ianjpalmer 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

My Windows 10 PC isn't picking up any sound coming from my BM-800 Mic wired through my pre-amplifier

I bought a BM-800 Condenser Microphone The Mic has a 3.5mm jack so I'm using an adaptor (3.5mm female to 6.5mm male) I have it hooked up into the Mono 6.6mm jack of a Joseph MIX-278 Phono/Mic Pre-...

microphone preamp  
asked by Roux Studio 1 vote
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