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Top new questions this week:

Mixing PCM vs PDM Audio

I'm trying to understand what kind of differences pulse-code modulation (PCM) and pulse-density modulation (PDM) cause when two audio signals are mixed together. Mixing PCM signals seems to be a lot ...

asked by cyberixae Score of 1
answered by user287001 Score of 0

How to create the sound of hundreds of fists being raised in the air?

I am doing a sound design for a play and I wonder how to simulate the sound of hundreds of fists being raised in the air. Imagine a huge crowd of people raising their fists in a certain rhythm during ...

asked by David Score of 1
answered by Tetsujin Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Atmos recording: MS vs. AB vs. XY vs. ORTF

This may be a bit of a beginner's question, but I moved to NYC from australia and left my second Oktava cardioid behind. I need to record some ambiences for a film, and I was wondering what you ...

stereo recording atmos ambience techniques  
asked by Roger Middenway Score of 7

I want to know how to shout into my mic without distortion

just wondering what I can do to resolve this issue. I have an Audiotechna AT2020 USB condenser microphone hooked up to my computer. When I'm recording sometimes I may shout or scream and my microphone ...

microphone audio-recording dialogue-recording  
asked by Luke Score of 7
answered by AJ Henderson Score of 4

pirate audio samples - how risky is it really?

i did a quick search for some information regarding sound design and legal issues, sound samples licensing, etc. though couldn't find anything too specific. for some time now i've been downloading ...

license legality samples  
asked by kampana Score of 6

How can I remove buzz/static from a recording in Logic Pro X

This particular buzz was a ground loop problem with the recording equipment, so it's a small hum. Using Noise Gate doesn't work because it can only take it out where there's no other sounds. Someone ...

logic active-noise-control  
asked by user16409 Score of 1
answered by jdagenet Score of 0

What is the frequency step formula for 10 and 31 band EQs?

What is the formula to calculate the bands ranges of a graphical EQ on a mixer? 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400Hz ... etc It seems some of them are doubles. When ...

equalization frequency multiband  
asked by JM V Score of 2
answered by Victor Score of 9

Tips for traveling with audio equipment.

Hey all, I'm flying somewhere soon and I'm bringing my equipment along to record some wonderful opportunities. I have a 722 and a Neumann 191 and I really don't want to check my babies if I don't ...

travel microphone recorder precautions  
asked by Utopia Score of 2

What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones?

What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones? There's been some discussion about this earlier here and here, but not exactly in an in-ear or stealth context so I wanted to refresh the ...

field-recording setup binaural stealth  
asked by Paul Virostek Score of 11
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