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Top new questions this week:

Ableton Live bypasses 3rd party plugins when exporting tracks to audio

I am trying to export groups of tracks (and single tracks) to audio from Ableton Live 10. I noticed that whether I try to export using "Selected tracks only" or by soloing the track and then ...

ableton-live mastering export  
asked by Aron 2 votes
answered by Aron 1 vote

Converting M4A/AAC Low Profile to any other format always causes clipping... why?

So I'd like to send this file to my voice teacher through WhatsApp with the comfort of a play button... but converting it to any WhatsApp supported format causes the audio to be strongly clipped...

asked by Davide Valdo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it bad to plug in a mic when phantom power is on?

Should I switch off phantom power before plugging in my mics that require phantom? I hear a click when I don't switch the machine/phantom power off. I tend to do it, but if I don't need to that would ...

gear microphone maintenance  
asked by Andrew Spitz 5 votes
answered by VCProd 6 votes

Different Pro Tools errors - and what do they actually mean?

I´ve recently encountered many different kind of Pro Tools errors and it really annoys me that the error messages themselves don´t give a whole lot of information what´s wrong in Pro Tools. It would ...

pro-tools problems error unexpected-error  
asked by Ville Sorsa 2 votes
answered by Internet Human 5 votes

Tips for mixing dialogue

Can this be a thread for tips on mixing dialogue? Do you EQ the voice a certain way or ever use different sync for different characters? Reverb/delay? Do you have a certain workflow for the dial ...

mixing dialogue  
asked by Chris 12 votes
answered by Utopia 15 votes

Films to Study for Excellence in Sound Design

Dear All, What films are good examples of Sound Design to study and take note of? I'm particularly looking for films which sound was used to forward the story with excellent results. Not just using ...

film sound-design studies examples  
asked by Utopia 27 votes
answered by Roger Middenway 12 votes

What do the acronyms DX, FX, MX stand for?

I've been using the abbreviations for quite some time now but I don't know why they are called DX, FX, and MX. (Well, FX I can understand.) For me, it's practical because it shortens the track name ...

post-production organization fx  
asked by mikko 5 votes

How do you compute the bitrate of a WAV file?

Consider a WAV file obtained from a standard redbook CD with 16 bit samples and 44.1 kHz sampling rate. How do you compute the bitrate of the uncompressed stream?

wav bitrate  
asked by landroni 5 votes
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 9 votes

Oblivion - Drone sound design...WOW

Outshone some of the acting in my opinion... Drone sounds were so powerful, functional, also had such an air of menace... Brilliant work. Anywhere I can read about this? Kind of reminds me of the ...

asked by Tom 4 votes
answered by parademic 2 votes

Can you answer this question?

How to mark certain points on the track in Adobe Audition while recording?

What is the best way to mark or highlight certain points or timestamps on the track while recording an audio file in Adobe Audition? This is mainly for relatively long recordings or interviews and ...

audio-recording adobe-audition timecode file-organization  
asked by Rok 1 vote
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