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You might also want to have a peek at The Guide to Sound Effects at

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Here's a list of 10 Essential Sound Design Blogs. Not all of them are about tips and tricks. But it's a good start in the right direction.

share|improve this answer ;-) I made that list some time ago. Maybe you could find useful info there.

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These aren't so much about designing sounds as sound designers, design theory, and stuff that could help to go pro.

How several sound guys got their start:

Mix Magazine's article on breaking into the audio industry:

Some videos about sound designers:

Sven's entire site:

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wow! this site epicsounds is awesome place to get started with sounddesign!!!!

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Ask any question here at Social Sound Design and you'll get some excellent advice from any number of pros.

Just don't ask which microphone or recorder you should buy when starting out! Think we've had that one a few too many times... :-)

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