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Did anyone try iZotope nectar? Look like nice and easy all-in-one plug-in. alt text

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i will try it soon – Nikola Nov 18 '10 at 23:39
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Nectar is great. If you are in hurry, you don't need to add 2,3 or more effects, Nectar has it all. From Compressors, DeEsser, Saturation, EQ to Pitch Correction , Breath Control, Compressors, Doubler, Gate, Limiter, Delay, and Reverb.

I will definitely buy it.

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iZotopes plug-ins are awesome. I love Ozone - and their RX software is just slick. They truly are all in one plug-ins. But because of this, they truly are DSP hogs. Comparing a compression plug-in to opening Ozone and using its compression plug-in, I would rather use the single use plug-in if that is all I needed.

Friggin love iZotope - they put out good Mastering software.

And I like their harmonic exciter for bringing out areas of the spectrum or stereo imager for spreading a background.

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could be just me but i'm getting Waves Signature Series vibes from this, only the knobs are actually labeled as to what they do..

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