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Was wondering who tweets here, I have been trying to follow people in my industry. Twitter took me a little time to actually see a need/benefit but i feel it does have both. My twitter is @Ryanhdd follow me if you would like and I will follow you. So what your thoughts?

UPDATE: if i had looked at the top of the page i would have seen the twitter link, doh!

anyway HI!

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@ALL, @Ryanhdd, @Andrew, I'm trying to get this going: #prototips. I suggested that people share things about Pro Tools, like shortcuts, workflows and other tricks. It could be a rich and easy to reach resource, virtually ever expanding. Ding! – Justin Huss Aug 20 '10 at 23:39

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You can find me at @insomaniac, and I'm starting up a project @analogjitter that should come into use soon.

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I held out on jumping aboard the Twitter Wagon for as long as I could stand it.


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field recording, architecture, aural cartography, design

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See you in the twitter verse!

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