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Was wondering who tweets here, I have been trying to follow people in my industry. Twitter took me a little time to actually see a need/benefit but i feel it does have both. My twitter is @Ryanhdd follow me if you would like and I will follow you. So what your thoughts?

UPDATE: if i had looked at the top of the page i would have seen the twitter link, doh!

anyway HI!

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@ALL, @Ryanhdd, @Andrew, I'm trying to get this going: #prototips. I suggested that people share things about Pro Tools, like shortcuts, workflows and other tricks. It could be a rich and easy to reach resource, virtually ever expanding. Ding! – Justin Huss Aug 20 '10 at 23:39

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You guys win. I've joined twitter. Bring on the revolution in my life.


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Ha ha :D You have to try... – Justin Huss Aug 19 '10 at 16:03
yeah, I just joined too thx to this thread. How come there's a thousand steve urbans on twitter? – Rene Aug 22 '10 at 18:57
everybody wants to be me? LOL! – Steve Urban Aug 22 '10 at 23:42
2 months and 1 week in, I love twitter. If for nothing other than the AES coverage from all of you. Twitter rocks. – Steve Urban Nov 6 '10 at 3:42


Alerts to updates on my blog, and lots of other audio stuff that comes across my plate.

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Yea, lets try and keep this to one thread? Makes it easier to find everyone! – JTC May 27 '11 at 6:36

I love twitter - lots of great and inspiring links and contacts!


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Great application for getting the newest scoop from sound people. Always interesting to read what my fellow partners in crime are up to.


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Good idea for a thread! I look forward to following everyone!

@arrowheadaudio @F_Pearson


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See you there!


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mine is @edwinmatthews

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I find it quiet a useful resource of information and a great of getting to know people from far and distant lands. Made a number of friends there over the last few months.


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Twitter has been an incredible resource for me, both in gaining new friends in this field AND just for getting feedback on anything in general.


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Same as you @Ryanhdd, took me a while. I came, I saw, I let go, eventually SSD got me back in :)


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Have been quiet on posting lately, but I agree - definitely nice to build a community of audioheads!


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Twitter is so cool!

@misazam @designingsound :D

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I'm on there too. I agree it's an awesome resource for picking brains and getting support/inspiration/info.


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Twitter is a brilliant social and marketing tool.


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@chuck_Russom. Be warned, I'm known to rant at times :)

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@toxicbag_joe. I'm there when I can be. Hopefully I say something interesting now and then.

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I haven't used twitter much on a professional level, but if you want to see my personal comments I'm @matneyx.

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In the early days of twitter it was always funny to hear strong opinions about it from people who had never used it... like many things you have to use it for a while to appreciate how and why it is interesting

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@noisejockey, natch!

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@sepulchra I've been known to tweet and retweet.

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@danflosdorf is me!

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on sound, devastating italian politics and nonsense

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Twitter is awesome!

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It's where I am at!

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Always something industry related on my tweets!


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Hi all!

I recently joined tweeter, I find it useful to discover other people involved with sound & sound design i could not know of otherwise. Anyway: tiquetonnesound on twitter, that´s me. (still under construction...)

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ok, i caved. @DynInterference

i'll probably mostly use it for my site, but who knows what i'll do with it.

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