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Awhile back, I found a tool for connecting to ASIO applications and dumping the raw audio data to STDIO so it could be captured or converted with a tool like FFmpeg. However, I don't know the name of it. Do you happen to know the name of this utility, or is there another way to export live ASIO raw samples?

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Was that in Windows, or something like WineASIO? –  leftaroundabout Jan 2 at 1:38
It was in Windows. I didn't even know ASIO worked in Wine, but that's good to know that it does! –  Brad Jan 2 at 1:44
I don't have an answer, but I am genuinely curious what potential application/niche (or problem you are hoping to resolve) this sort of workflow serves. Since ASIO is requires dedicated "ownwership" of the hardware, do you want to have multiple computers/VMs running independently and then {magic} to combine them on a separate machine through STDIO? –  horatio Jan 2 at 16:48
@horatio Two projects... the first is for internet radio encoding. I've written some software that handles streaming internet radio, but I am not familiar with the ASIO API. I thought that before I invest a bunch of time in hacking through it, I could find something that already does the ASIO heavy lifting. Edcast ASIO meets the general need here, but is quite buggy as it was never finished. The second project is a browser extension for connecting web apps to ASIO. Obviously there would be latency issues here, but it could still work for applications where latency isn't a large concern. –  Brad Jan 2 at 20:01
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