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hi everyone,

i'm new here to the forum as well as the sound design field in general. been experimenting with some soundscapes of my own, bumbling about in my own way, and was wondering if anyone can lend me an ear for some professional advice on mixing and EQ. i'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to these things, so if anyone can give me a few tips based on this listen i would greatly appreciate it. i put a link below to stream my little driftosphere. thanks in advance.

-ted houghtaling

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Hi Ted, and welcome to SSD!

Happy to see that you are experimenting with sound and learning as you go. I listened to your track and have a few comments. Please take them with a few grains of salt, for as you know, these types of things are quite subjective. My notes by minutes:seconds :

  • 0:00 Interesting sounds! Enjoyed them for a while…
  • 0:45 Became quite bored of the same sounds…
  • 2:03 Was glad for the change! The introduction to this second part was very cool, gritty and aggressive. Quite evocative.
  • 2:35 Became bored again. The same sound qualities I heard at 2:03 were still going and I didn't understand why they weren't evolving…
  • 4:43 Again, glad for the change, but not into this vibe. Dunno why, sounds too "drab" for my tastes. Lost interest.
  • 5:25 The choir swell brought me back into the piece again, but not for long. Perhaps a cleaner sound? This one is quite dull and muddy, hard to discern what is going on. Maybe you took the lo-fi approach on purpose.
  • 6:22 Fade out into spacey darkness. Neat ending.

Keep experimenting! And please continue allowing the folks on SSD to listen to your work; I believe you'll usually find a receptive bunch who are happy to offer their expertise.

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