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Back in the old days, I used Sibelius to typeset scores. I've switched to the great open-source MuseScore now and don't miss anything from Sibelius except... my old scores. I know that there is a MusicXML export plugin in Sibelius, but I won't install Sibelius or any other proprietary software. Is there a way to convert the Sibelius scores into some free format (that is recognised by MuseScore, such as MusicXML)?

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I also searched for this, but up-to-day found only these possiblities:

export via:

  • to-buy Dolet Sibelius Plugin
  • free sibexport Sibelius Plugin
    • does not work with Sibelius First 7!
      • plugin (from 12/2010) was properly auto-installed to the Roaming folder, but it did not appear under Plugins, Export nor Save as :-(
  • potentially errenous export via 30-day trial Sibelius First version
    • with **version 7 there is the option to export to compressed or uncompressed Music XML, but it looks pretty bad in a first try of a complex pop song MIDI
      • when I opened the exported MIDI the scores looked quite different and although I could see the drum part, I could not hear it, although volume was normal (I only used standard options)
    • you just have to provide an email address to download it immediately
  • during my research I also found other sources mentioning torrent downloads, which are illegal and very dangerous!
    • so please do not damage your computer by even trying to find help through such likely virus-stuffed files (NSA is a kindergarden compared to that)
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Thanks, but that still includes installing Sibelius itself, which is unfree software. ("Free" as in "free speech", not "free beer") – Turion Oct 10 '14 at 12:45
added more research details – Andreas Dietrich Oct 18 '14 at 12:36

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