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I am in the market for reference monitors for my home studio. I will be mixing both instrumentals and vocals. I am not concerned about using these speakers in any live scenarios.

I am primarily considering three options that were recommended to me:

I heard the smaller KRK RP6G2 in Best Buy and I thought the quality sounded pretty good. The other two were recommended by a musician I know who spends a lot of time designing speakers. I am open to other options, but I need to know the reason why these or other options are going to be the best choice.

I would like to spend under $1000, and get the best possible value for my money. I particularly appreciate any answers that directly compare these monitors. Also, if you recommend the more expensive option, it would be helpful to explain why it is a superior choice.

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Unfortunately shopping recommendations don't fit well on this site. There's no good way to answer the question as it stands without a whole lot of subjectivity, especially because each of those products has its fans. At best, you'll get "you can't go wrong" or something to that effect. If you can make the question more specific and answerable it could fit well. –  Warrior Bob Oct 11 '11 at 21:10
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