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Is there a specific type of reverb that gets the retro sound found on these Best Coast and The Drums songs:

Just pumping up any old reverb doesn't seem to do the trick so any tips on how to get this retro sound would be great thanks!

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For the guitars retro reverb would be vacuum tube driven springs as found in a 1963 to 1965 Black Face amp such as the Super Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, etc,. Also Fender and others had a standalone tube driven spring reverb that was far superior than the amps mentioned.

Many effect boxes emulate this sound, Zoom does it pretty well. I have a replica Uncle Spot stand alone reverb--actually an improvement over the original Fender that I use and love.

Check it out here:

For the vocals tube driven springs may be too much like Dick Dale, perhaps a good 'Hall' reverb at about 40% to 50%.

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