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I managed to get Protools 8.05 working on Mavericks. I installed protools first then, Mbox_2_USB_10_3_3_Driver_79050-2 Its the driver for Protools 10. To get play back through the headphones go to playback engine and crank the buffer to 2048. I tried the other buffers ->1048 is scratchy and anything under this there no audio whatsoever.

Does anyone know how to get buffer setting under 2048 without having to revert back to the previous version of Mac OS?

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I think the only way to get good buffer and full functionality of protools is to revert to Mountian Lion for now till Avid comes up with an update. I have gone back to Mountain lion and I'm using protools 8.05. It works great without any problems. I also discovered that for Windows 7 64-bit Protools 8.0 works and my friend uses 8.01 and says it works well too ( I have not tested 8.01 yet but will when I have more data.

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