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After playing several notes into the sequencer I noticed that they were not all exactly the same length. I would like to make them all the same length.

I've found that I can drag a rectangle around all of the notes and enter a value into the length box as depicted in the following screenshot

reason 7 sequencer with several events selected

The problem with this is that it changes the lengths of the events in a relative manner instead of an absolute manner. When I selected the events the length box had the value I then changed it to as shown, and I did notice a change in the length, however, upon looking at individual events I found that individually they were still, etc.

Is there a way to set the specific length of selected events in the sequencer without having to set them individually?

I've tried using the Quantize (Ctrl + K) command from the edit menu but it doesn't seem to change the length, only the position.

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I found a way to set a fixed length for notes by using the sequencer tools in the tool window.

Press F8 to show or hide the tool window.

After selecting the events that you want to alter in the sequencer, select the sequencer tools tab in the tool window, it's labelled with a spanner and screwdriver icon. Locate the Note Lengths pane. Click the radio button beside the Fixed textbox, enter the desired event length into the fixed text box then press Apply.

Here is a picture of the Note Lengths section in the sequencer tools
Tool Window - Sequencer tools - Note Length

This function is mentioned in Resizing notes with the “Note Lengths” function on page 242 of the Reason 7 Operation manual

PDF: Reason 7 Operation Manual

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