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Is it possible to automatically mute an output channel on the LS9 when a particular input channel is turned on?

This is for a radio studio. I'd like the omni out that I have going to the studio speakers to be turned off when one of the two microphone inputs are turned on, so that I don't pick up music and such in the mics when people forget to turn them down.

If I can't find a way to do it on the board itself, I will probably just resort to writing some simple software that listens for the MIDI when the channels are turned on, and sends the proper MIDI for turning off the output.

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I have a similar situation. I work at a TV station that uses an LS9. Studio speakers need to be muted when mics are turned on. I have a temporary work around that I'm using now. I simply send a mix-minus feed to the studio, but a full feed to the transmitter. It's not an elegant solution, but it works.

I'm looking into a midi-to-relay method because the talent here is used to hearing a relay "click" to know their mics are hot. I also want to have remote starts for some of the audio playback machines when certain channels are turned on. I'm probably going to try using a MIDI Solutions R8 8-output MIDI-controlled Relay Array. I found it at http://www.midisolutions.com/prodr8.htm.

It's been a while since you posed your question. I'm quite interested in knowing if you've found a working solution?


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