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Does anybody out there know what kind of equipment skrillex uses to make his mixes fused with dubstep? Is it purely software or does use a mixed setup? I am curious how he sets up his samples, and then drops with gnarly screams, scrathes, and other noise effects he throws on his tracks.

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He uses software and hardware synths - including his main one, the FM8.

Some speculation on the dubstep forum that he uses Guitar Rig for some distortion effects.

To be honest this is probably the best source for information: How To Sound Like Skrillex & Make Skrillex Bass - a plethora of links, tutorials and discussion.

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At a broad level, he uses Ableton Live, which is popular with many similar producers such as Deadmau5. He also uses a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer and an EFX 1000 for effects.

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