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Free sound effects sites. One per answer.

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Making this community wiki since it's worthwhile information, but is basically a list of good resources – Warrior Bob Aug 18 '11 at 14:35

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The Freesound Project

A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. I've used it successfully in the past for CC-licensed samples of things like temple gongs and chants for my productions. It has some decent search capabilities. You can make requests for sounds through the forum.

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Creative commons licensed audio files and sample packs.

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Founded by Joseph SARDIN in 2005, the music library aims to provide free and for all, a wide range of sounds and noises of a much higher quality than those typically found on the Internet.

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I used this site when I needed to get random noises for a film.

Searching generic search terms probably won't get you very far, you tend to have to be a bit more specific.

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A great library of free sound effects submitted by users. Not all are professional quality, but hey, they're free!

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If you're looking for free and legal sound effects or music check out this online directory:

In particular, the free music category.

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BBC Sound Effects Library

There are a number of torrents that contain the complete, 60 CD collection of royalty-free BBC sound effects.

Searching for "bbc royalty free sound effects library" has a number of results that mention "free" and "royalty-free".

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Keep in mind that a lot of these have been used hundreds or thousand times over, so even casual listeners may recognise them as re-used samples. There's a particular fire engine horn sample in there that's been used in at least a few hundred games, movies, TV episodes, etc. – Polynomial Dec 11 '12 at 10:08


is a new free online sound effect library.

Great sound fx and music.

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Sweet Sound Effects

Sound effects produced by YouTube video producer Zach King:

Not too many sounds, but they are pretty good.

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  • You can download mp3 sound effects (320kb/s) available for commercial projects too.

  • You can't share this sound (unless is part of your project and is not the main focus) but you can share the link to site.

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