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There's a master spectrum view but is there a way to use some static graphical representation of the frequency spectrum to adjust the different samples/instruments?

Something to make it easier to play with the EQ of the tracks with graphical feedback.

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I'm not familiar with Renoise, but according to this tutorial it's possible to configure VSTs for a Windows environment.

So, if you're using Windows, here's your solution:

I personally use MAnalyzer.

If you don't like any of the solutions OR you're not using Windows you should try googling: spectrum analyzer

I'm aware that you did ask for a 'static' graphical analyzer, but I'm wondering if you're problem is that the master spectrum is capturing the whole song instead of a single channel.

And btw: I really wouldn't recommend anyone to do audio changes based on a graphical spectrum - music is about what you hear, and not what you listen.

While doing that is fine when experimenting, it shouldn't become something you do all the time.

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