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Looking at this video from youtube featuring the amazing Bob McChensey playing the trombone, I can identify two microphones, the Royer R-121 and the old Sony C-37A. I can see both mics in use, would you guys have any idea how they would be mixed and why they have used both?

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wow thanks, I did not know about this. Much appreciated! – Henrik Söderlund Dec 24 '12 at 2:36
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The reason for using microphones of different types is generally to get the best features of both. Key would be:

  • The Sony, a condenser mic, has a sound which is often considered brittle and sharp, but very good for vocals
  • Ribbon mics usually have a more broadly balanced output, so aren't as peaky in a particular frequency range
  • The sound pickup gives a slightly different spread as well, with the condenser mic being a bit more directional

In terms of mixing they would both be EQ'ed individually to get the sound the producer wants - this is very subjective, but with two differing microphones you just get more parameters to play with to bring out the sound you want in that venue.

Also have a read of this question on microphone differences.

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