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How do you mix Superior Drummer drums? Do you use built-in mixer, or you use 3d party plugins?

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I like to use my other plugins for compression and EQ with Superior Drummer. I tend to look at things like the SSL plugin and McDSP's set. They give me a lot more control over the compression and EQ which keeps me close to the way that I mix it live as well.

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I bounce the audio & use this template in pro tools (not free)

template screenshot


Learn how to mix drums in Pro Tools in this session. Comes with complete audio drum tracks. Learn how to mix Kick, Snare, Hats, Toms, OH, Room, mono Room, parallel compression.

Includes 2 sessions (same audio)

Session 1: Mixed with Waves SSL, CLA-Signature, CLA-Classic compressors, McDSP AC2, TheGlue Compressor, and Waves Renaissance plugins.

Session 2: Mixed with Digi EQ & Compressors that come with Pro Tools.

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