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I've been using SysEx Librarian for...well, a long time now. It's functional but it's far from friendly and feature reach. Most notably: it's failed to keep up with the massive increase in transmit and receive speeds the MIDI protocol has gained from being ported to run over USB lines.

Is there a modern alternative to SysEx Librarian out there for OS X?

I need the following:

  • Receive and save to disk blocks of SysEx messages as one single file (Record Many in SysEx Librarian)
  • Receive and save to disk single SysEx messages (Record On in SysEx Librarian)
  • Play back SysEx data saved in files on disk over any selected MIDI interface at modern speeds

And the really nice to have stuff would be:

  • SysEx library view and navigation that allows for a tree structure (SysEx Librarian is one big, flat list of files which gets unwieldily when you've got a lot of files saved)
  • Library search feature, especially the ability to search for specific bit-strings in files
  • SysEx hex editor
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MIDIox has some good sysex handling features: you can send, receive, and it has a small hex editor. But it has no library.

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Looking for an OS X app, sorry. MIDI-OX is still Windows-only. – Ian C. Jun 9 '12 at 17:26

I would like to make such an app in java. As a matter of facts, a part of it I made already. You can choose a list from a dropdown (I call it set lists) but you need to place these lists in a text file (a property file). Maybe (if I get some time eventually) I can make it more user friendly. Problem at this moment is that the new OSX's have an incompatibility issue with system exclusive messages sent from a java application. This issue has te be solved first before I can continue. Apple support says my java app is not compatible with the new OSX'x, but of course it is the other way around. On my old laptop (with an older OSX) it works fine.

I hope I can give good news if Apple tells me how to make my app compatible.

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