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I have an old song. I need to remove the vocals and get only the music from it. I used Audacity (Effects > Vocal Remover). After applying, there's no sound!

I used Audition (the Center Channel Extractor). After applying, a tiny noise came (a small squeeking). Nothing else.

Is there another way to do this?

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This implies that your track is in mono. Centre channel extraction gets the difference of the L and R tracks - making the assumption that the difference broadly equates to a middle channel, which is usually where the vocals are.

If your song is old, it may have been recorded in mono, which means there is no difference between L and R channels (or almost no difference - the squeak is the difference)

In this circumstance, this question is a duplicate of Removal of Voice from single track in Audacity

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This is possible with MashTactic, a special filter plugin for isolating areas in the frequency and stereo spectrum. Here is a video that demonstrates it:

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