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I'm recording my voice for my radio show. I used to record at the radio studio but we have a problem and so i'm stuck at home with Sound Forge.
I record the voice with a Cobalt C04 Mic that sounds ok to me, then i use "Normalize" and then "Wave Hammer".
What are the effects that are most commonly used on voice?

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Radio output in general will be compressed to within a millimeter of its life. With multi-band compression in particular you can boost the loudness a hell of a lot and everything will sound very full.

But, as with everything, it depends:

  • What you want it to sound like
  • What the actual requirements are (anyone need anything specific?)
  • What the source material is like

In terms of other 'effects', specifically effects, a small touch of reverb is fairly common in general although not so much on VOs.

Processing-wise, though:

  • Noise gate, to cut background noise in a very simple way
  • Compression (including multi-band) to boost signal strength/volume
  • EQ to adjust tonality slightly, remove noise or add presence, remove sibilance etc..

But as I said, depends completely on the 3 points at the top.

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