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I have a Mac mini connected to my TV and sound system. I would like to use it as an audio 'server' in the sense that it will receive network audio and play it to the speakers.

My client is a linux (ubuntu) laptop.

Solutions like Airfoil don't seem to handle this setup (Airfoil has only linux 'speakers' software, no client).

Any ideas on a quick setup to enable this? No need for multichannel or other fanciness, just audio redirecting. I've looked at Jack and JackOSX, but they seem like overkill and I haven't figured out how to configure them.

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I believe that OSC (Open Sound Control) may help you in your problem. But I guess there won't be a quick solution to what you want. The fastest thing you could do is to buy some cables and make the appropriate connections (Presuming your devices are in an acceptable distance).

Such connectivity between two OS's is usually overkill, you need to study/search/research a little.

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