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I'm looking for a decent free or open-source audio controller / cue editor for the audio control of a live theater show. Something in the line of ShowCueSystem or QLab.

Minimal requirements would be:

  • Output of a list of predefined sound tracks, with fade in/out, predefined volume control, possibly overlapping
  • Manually re-synchronize the audio list based on live action
  • Manually trigger sample effects, synchronized to live action on the show
  • No video support required, although it can be supported
  • Running on Windows
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Have you looked at SoundBoard? I've not personally used it since I have commercial software that I use, but it appears to be exactly what you are looking for.

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Thanks! Looks fine, but seems to be limited a bit (can't process two samples simultaneously). I'll give it a try. –  lOranger Apr 8 '13 at 14:10
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AudioCue would probably do the job. There is a open sourced branch for html5/web audio api at github: https://github.com/sundhage/AudioCue-JSP

Should run fine on windows with google chrome.

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