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Hey a quick search on the ssd site doesn't return what I'm looking for.

I'm finally switching a PPC G5 rig over to an intel MacPro for Protools HD9 with a Magma chassis etc. Is 10.7 "generally" a stable platform for DAW / audio creative ?? I mean really general like yeah its good or no don't do it "XX___XX" is broken. Thanks

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I never used Lion as I went straight from Snow leopard to mountain lion and nothing broke. OS wise it ran a bit smoother too. I'm currently on Mac 10.8.4 and Pro Tools Native Heck, Pro Tools is actually running very well. If that doesn't say its stable enough I don't know what will. –  Chris Winter Jul 24 '13 at 18:32
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I've been running 10.7 with PT10 on my core i7 MBP for over a year now without a hitch. I'd say it's stable.

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