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Hello! My first post here, but Ive been a long-time background user.

I have a scene in a film I'm working on, and a car is mis-fueled (petrol put into a diesel car)

I dont drive (yet) and I havn't experienced this before. i would like to make my soundtrack as realistic as possible and Im wondering if any of you know what it sounds like?

Hope you can help!


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At first there is little difference, but the longer you drive the car the greater the effect, the above video might help.

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Thanks @iainmcgregor for the help! Im my film the car dies much quicker than it does in this real-life test, but Im certain now that all i need is a stalling diesel car engine... Now where to find that..... – twosdotsound Oct 7 '12 at 15:47

@twosdotsound I'm no expert but it may sound more believable to the audience if the 'Breaking down' sound was a car in a higher gear than it should be for the travelling speed. It creates a "juddery" sound before eventually stalling.

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@chriswinter Thanks man, I was sifting through some sound effect and decided to just get out and record my dad stall the car a few times. You were correct too, the higher gear did the trick! Your more the expert than you think! – twosdotsound Oct 7 '12 at 17:36

I think Chris is on the right track.

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i would transform some diarrhea sounds, be great and very realistic to;)

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