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Can you recommend me the best education /courses/ for sound design in Germany? Could you tell me any universities which offer this kind of education?

Thank you!

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The way i see it udk only offers a master course for something like sound design, the bachelor is more to become a ¨tonmeister¨. But there are several other institutions like of course Babelsberg Ludwigsburg and Trossingen

for all these study programms you have to have knowledge of musicology/compositon/music history (solfedge, rythmicdictee, sight score reading/writing)

If youre not a half composer or you dont want to deal with music writing during your studies your quite lost in germany.

But you should check out the courses of your dutch neighbors. Utrecht/Hilversum Amsterdam

You will have to learn dutch, quite doable for german natives, and you would have to pay studyfee, for which you can get a credit.

If you would get BAFög in Germany, you will get even more when you study abroad ;-)

I am studying at NFTA/Amsterdam and i find it splendid. So if you have any further questions feel free to ask!

p.s.: Dont even look at the Musiccube Bonn

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find Carl-Frank Westermann.

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Thank you a lot for the answer. – Ivelia Oct 6 '12 at 11:16

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