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I’m looking for a single motorised fader for Protools. I am aware of Alphatrack and Faderport but I was hoping for something even simplier. Just one fader no pans or transport buttons etc. Does this product exist?

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I just found this ( Not motorized, but very interesting, and inexpensive.

Have fun making sound for movies,

E. Santiago

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Nice one, great find! – Skarik Sep 26 '12 at 5:44

What are you using it for? As a stereo master controller, or for automation of a single channel?

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Automation of a single channel

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If you only want to control one channel I have heard good things about the Presonus FaderPort

I doubt you can get much simpler since it literally is one fader and a few other important and frequently used buttons.

Never tried it myself but since its by Presonus I would trust it quality wise, I have never had anything in the past by them that I thought was below par.

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+1 for the Faderport. Sounds like just what you need.

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