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I'm trying to create a first person soundscape and one part is a plane crashing in the water whilst on board.

I'd like to get your opinions on which plane crash scenes in TV, Film or Games are the best so I can study them to create my own ideas?

I personally like the various LOST plane crash scenes and the cutscene in Modern Warfare 3, but which are yours?

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fight club's mid air collision is one of the best.


castaway - also epic


dark nights Bane plane heist scene was the best scene of the whole film. (no youtube there, sorry)

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cant go wrong with Ren Klyce, Randy Thom and Richard King! – ColtonRybus Sep 16 '12 at 1:00

I haven't seen this film but after watching a short screening of this scene at film school, I kind of want to. I like this scene because watching and listening to it made me feel really uncomfortable, it's just the way I imagine when I'm on a plane, I feel very paranoid thanks to doco's like Aircrash Investigation haha. The one in Cast Away is quite cool as well.


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Yeah i was going to say this too. Good tension and release. It's like the biggest drop. – Danny.Q Sep 15 '12 at 15:35

+1 for castaway. Love how the tension builds up the moments before things go wrong.

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The one in The Grey was pretty impressive

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This scene from The Knowing. I saw it in the cinema and it was huge! Really convincing as well. Unfortunately the youtube clip doesn't do it justice.

Edit: Sorry I didn't see that you said 'inside' the plane.

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Teaser from Prey 2

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The one in English Patient.

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