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How can we recieve audio sound at a very long distance through wireless media? For example, a man talking to another man at a distance of 500 meters, I want to record that at the same distance through wireless media!

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It isn't particularly clear what you are asking. Are you asking if it is possible to pick up audio of someone talking from 500 meters away? Are you asking if there is a way to send a signal recorded at one place to a person 500 meters away wirelessly? Are you asking something else entirely? –  AJ Henderson Jan 30 at 16:19

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You're right, it can't be done purely acoustically.

It may be able to be done instead with a laser, I can't imagine the quality is great though, its just a surveillance technology.


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I don't know for sure, but I betcha you could pull this off with a good professional quality transmitter and receiver along with a pair of shark fin antennas.

Some good quality receivers can receive up to 1000-1200 feet away from the transmitter, so with the shark fin antennas, I bet you could make up the other 400-600 feet

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Also you can use Wireless repraters to increases quality over such distances.

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