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Hey all,

I'm looking for just random parent to kid conversations/ chastising/ hissy fits etc. Trying to make some backgrounds for an apartment where one of the neighbors has a family with a couple of kids from around 4 -12 or so. Everyone I know that has kids are infants or too far away for me to record them. All the sounds are going to be eq'd and modified so they sound like they are coming through walls. If anyone has anything laying around I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance.

*Edit - More specifics on the project. There are plenty of kids laughing/screaming that exists. What I am trying to do is have this child "learning the violin" and we hear it through the walls. The quality of the child's playing will be paralleled by the main characters change throughout the film and also reinforced by some cello themes that will be played when the main character is not in the apartment. It is a student feature film and my pay is being able to mix it in a dub stage down here :-) so unfortunately by budget is limited/non existant. No luck from the library that school has or my personal. Free Sound is just loaded with the cry/screams.

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Stuff like that is always tricky w/o any budget/support for actors. Do you have any female friends that could maybe pull off a little kid voice, even w/ some pitch adjustment or something?

I could definitely see this being kind of a cool idea, reminds of something you might see in a Jeanne-Pierre Jeunet movie!

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@James Yes pitch shifting is the backup plan. Figured maybe someone may have recorded their kids over the years or something. Post was worth a shot, but backup plan is what it is looking like. – Michael Gilbert Jul 29 '12 at 7:44

Are you still needing this? I am a teacher and dad and this would be fairly easy to do. Let me know.

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@timcoalman I ended up using some female voices and processing them to get the effect I was looking for. – Michael Gilbert Sep 20 '12 at 19:37
Pleased to hear you problem-solved - the offer stands if you come to a similar need in the future. I should have responded sooner when I initially saw the request. – timcoalman Sep 30 '12 at 17:05
For future reference, has a tremendously large and varied library of sounds. – joseem Apr 27 at 0:08

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