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Hey folks. I'm trying to compile a list of videos/series that are produced exclusively for the web that actually have staff dedicated to sound. They don't necessarily have to be fictional or narrative.

Here are some examples:

  • Soundworks Collection
  • The recent Prometheus viral videos
  • Old Spice web shorts

I'm not really looking for one-offs, I'd prefer "series" videos. If you can think of any, I'd appreciate it. [I'd doubly appreciate it if you know the names of any sound staffers associated with them too.]



Thanks to everyone who responded. I was working on putting together a virtual panel discussion to talk about mixing for web. (If you haven't noticed yet, the details were just posted to Designing Sound last night). Please don't feel slighted if I didn't contact you to be on the panel. Reception for the idea was very positive, and there are limited presenter connections for the web-conferencing service. Hope to see you in the discussion.

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There are a number of series that are Hulu exclusives. Definitely check them out.

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thanks. i'll check them out. – Shaun Farley May 20 '12 at 1:05

Hey matey Im the sound guy from the Corridor Digital YouTube series Sync. I basically do everything apart from the music and recording on set! What's this list for or about?

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i'll send you an e-mail. ;) – Shaun Farley May 18 '12 at 23:56

I mix a series of online videos for a large computer vendor. Don't know if that counts.

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I've done a few web series, mainly just with music and dia though, no sound design to speak of. Let me know if that's of interest..

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I've been working a documentary web series for for the last month and a half. It's a 3-5 minute episodic series about a tech start up in San Francisco.

Production and post production sound handled by me. Enjoy

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Hi Shaun,

I'm currently sound editing and mixing for the Rocket Jump/YouTube web series VGHS. So far two episodes have been released and there are another 8 episodes that will be released weekly.

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I know we talked about it the other day, adding the one I did recently. We've 2 episodes so far and after a successful Kickstarter campaign there should be more episodes come the autumn.

The Clandestine -

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Not sure if you're looking for web series with good sound, or for a web series on sound, but if the former, then check out the series I worked on. I was the sound designer and re-recording mixer. The series won an Indie Intertube Award for Best Sound Design. Cheers.

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Hey Shaun,

I've just finished Sound Design and mix for 7 part web series Event Zero.

Episode 1 is up and can be viewed here:

Other episodes will be released in less than 2 weeks.

If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me



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I'll be doing audio post for season 2 of JourneyQuest - It's a fantasy comedy. Really funny and engaging. I highly recommend it. And season 2 will star Fran Kranz from Dollhouse and Cabin In The Woods.

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Weve worked on a couple, heres a recent one

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