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Hi mates,

I am looking for web sites with successful sound design (no matter the technology behind). I don't mean background music but interactive sounds only. Thanks !


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Two quite different examples jump to mind. The first is Devine Sound. Very simple, minimal bleeps on button clicks as well as some other nice interactive sounds throughout. Minimal, sleek and very effective.

The second is La Gaité Lyrique - Experience. A very deep, immerse user experience with a whole host of interactive sounds. The first time I visited this site I spent ages exploring it.

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Thanks Colin. I cannot believe that you are the only one to have suggestions about it. Interactive sonification is a promising area. Mates, don't you have any other successfull interface sound design references to give to the community (websites, video games, handheld devices and so on...)?

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Hi Xavier,

I just remembered this Amon Tobin experiment that's kind of intriguing. I think the sound design could have been more immersive, but it's an interesting example. Generally though, this raises the question of whether it's actually a good thing to have lots of interface style sound on a website. For me, I only want sites to make sound if their purpose is to be an audio/audio-visual experience, otherwise I can't listen to music when browsing the web etc...

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I know it's been a while since this question was active, but today I came across this acoustic ecology website which I think is awesome in terms of interactive sound design. Great BG ambiances, nice slick rollover sfx, left/right panning response to mouse movements. Plus the subject manner is very interesting too!

Arte Sound Ecology

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