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In a similar format to a Director's Commentary - does anyone know of any films where the sound designer or re-recording/dubbing mixer gets a commentary to talk through what they've tried to achieve?

I think getting a list together of films that include this would be a great resource to have!


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Cast Away has a very interesting commentary from Randy Thom.

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SoundWorks Collection has got a ton of incredible videos about the sound design for various media.

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The commentary for Se7en I can highly recommend. There's a great one about sound and music on it.

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The Lord of the Rings boxed set has nearly a movie's worth of material, including sfx and score.

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+1. Watching these extras was one of the main things to inspire me into getting into SD! I believe at one point they were playing elephant noises through a PA in a tunnel and recording the results! – Skarik Nov 1 '11 at 18:33

A Bugs Life has an isolated 5.1 SFX track as well as a documentary.

The Conversation also has commentary by Walter Murch.

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I believe that Walter Murch talks about sound design on his commentary on The Conversation in addition to discussing the picture editing.

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Spiderman 2 has a bit about how they made the scene where Doc Ock robs the bank. I don't know what edition of the DVD it is on though.

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This may sound weird, but a thought came to me. Every film has a sound designer's commentary: the full mix.

Sound designers let the film's soundtrack speak for itself. And that's part of the beauty, no need to explain ourselves, fully open to personal interpretation and exploration.

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Monsters Inc has an isolated 5.1 SFX track on my DVD. Nice feet foley.

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You might want to check out soundworks collection

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Surprised nobody mentioned ->

Should cover everything you want.

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